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Breast Surgery Specialist

Dr Rezai – Plastic Surgeon in London UK

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Dr Rezai is a board certified cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgeon with consulting rooms in Harley Street, London, Manchester and Liverpool.

Further details concerning Dr Rezai’s experience, expertise and qualifications can be found on his web site Cosmetic Surgery Specialists: Allen Rezai – Plastic Surgeon

Dr Rezai Harley Medical Group

Dr Rezai also consults on behalf of Harley Medical Group HMG to provide breast augmentation surgery and other cosmetic precedures. However a consultation direct with Dr Rezai at his own consulting rooms in Harley Street, London W1 is always preferable since being able to talk with Dr Rezai directly, as opposed to a counsellor or co-ordinator as would be the case with going through Harley Medical Group, obviously has many benefits.

Direct Consultation with Dr Rezai

Unlike with most plastic surgeons, and most definitely unlike when opting to have surgery though one of the large cosmetic surgery institutions, a first appointment at Dr Rezai’s consulting rooms is always directly with Dr Rezai himself, and not with a nurse/counsellor or co-ordinator.

The advantages of an initial consultation with Dr Rezai in person are obvious and include immediately knowing if you are a suitable candidate for surgery or otherwise, and if you are, then what are likely to be the results of your operation. Dr Rezai will address your expectations and also any worries and concerns you might have involving your surgery, including any potential complications and associations.

Unlimited After-Care

A further advantage of a direct consultation with Dr Rezai is the that as a personal patient, you will be entitled to an after-care and follow-up service which is effectively limited only by your needs and not by the financial concerns of a large and impersonal enterprise. In otherwords… total peace of mind both before and after surgery.

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